¡Finalmente un consejo PRÁCTICO para mantenerse zen y calmarse en todas las circunstancias!


It is said of him that he is evil of the century . All the French, questioned on this subject, can attest to having felt it one day or another. However, we must distinguish the good stress; the one that makes you want to improve yourself particularly in the professional context; the one that suffocates, the one that prevents sleeping well, the one that puffs, even anxiety attacks .


There are several techniques to defeat him, but they take a bit of time. Others only take a few seconds. A good trick to know, when you feel overwhelmed.

Take a daily space just for you:

It seems impossible? However, the mental load is there: all those actions that we feel compelled to do to be on top, to be the best (parents, professionals, lovers, friends…).


Who can take care of you if not yourself? ? So even if it’s an hour, this moment should be yours alone. We cut off cell phones, we focus on what we love : reading, bathing, going for a run, talking to a friend, painting, gardening, meditating, practicing yoga.

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We must not forget that daily stress will affect your health. and can aggravate existing problems or cause them to appear, especially in the heart.


How to react when an anxiety attack occurs?

If the first solution given above is sound advice, the effects may take some time to be felt by the body and brain . What to do when your heart starts beating fast and you feel tight like in a vise?


You have to understand that in those moments, the brain focuses on what is wrong . Therefore, you must find a way out for it .

The method is to stop what you are doing and take a deep breath. Through the eyes, you will give other «thoughts and food for thought» to your brain. Look around you for two to five minutes while describing out loud (or softly if you are with people), what you see in its entirety (a tree whose branches are swaying in the wind, the sky is blue with some clouds, or I see a man in a red tie walking fast, the sidewalk is wet from the rain). Your heartbeat will gradually return to its normal rhythm.


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