¡Basta de insecticidas! Aquí hay 4 consejos para deshacerse de las hormigas de forma natural.


Ants are essential allies in the garden. They eliminate parasites that inhabit flowers, fruits and vegetables, and participate in pollination, such as bees. Although these small insects are very useful in the garden, allowing them to colonize the house can be problematic from an aesthetic and health point of view. To get rid of it, here are some natural tips.


Tip 1: lemon

High in nitric acid, lemon is a good insect repellant. Its very pungent odor remains unbearable for ants. To do this, cut lemon slices and place them on the ground or near the entry points. This citrus will prevent ants from entering your house. Do not forget to renew the lemon as soon as it begins to dry.

Tip 2: Baking Soda

Sodium bicarbonate is a magical product. Versatile, it can be used to hunt unwanted beasts. To get rid of ants, mix the powder with some liquid detergent to make a small paste. Place them in front of ant entry points. After a few days, you will find that the latter no longer happens.

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Tip 3: Chalk

Using chalk to get rid of ants may seem strange to you. However, ants never cross a chalk line. They just can’t. Thus, the method consists of drawing a thick line on the floor, on the wall or on the windowsill. This chalk mark should be well placed in the path of the ants. Do the action every day and you will find the result.

Tip 4: mint leaves

The last trick to ward off ants without killing them is mint leaves. In fact, these insects hate strong odors. To do this, place these sheets on the doors or windows. To keep them from wilting, plant a mint or basil near your house.

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