¡Esta mujer ha encontrado el método infalible para saber si le gusta a un hombre!


You find him cute but you don’t know if he thinks the same of you ? Asking them directly can seem difficult, especially if you don’t want to embarrass them. However, there are signs that indicate if a woman likes a man : she this woman she observed a man she liked and here is the result…


He cares about you through innocuous questions:

Even just asking someone like this is a first sign of interest . Unless you’re (very) polite, it’s a question we reserve for our loved ones , because we don’t want our neighbor/co-worker spilling their misfortunes if we don’t appreciate them very much. That a man asks you often if you are okay can be a first indicator.

Follows you on social networks:

Even if we can reproach them for absorbing us too much, Social networks are a good way to get attention.

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A man around you who constantly likes or comments on what you post shows some interest. Perhaps he is too shy to introduce himself, which brings us to the next point.


He loses his means in your presence:

You don’t have to put on a seductive dress: as soon as she talks to you, she stutters, spills her coffee or laughs too hard. Without a doubt, you have caught the attention of this man, so much so that he loses the means of it.


Even if we find a man who blushes more by touching, we must take into account that the interested party is trying to send you a message when he rolls a bit of mechanics and exaggerates. Before calling him clumsy, better see if he does it with everyone or if he is alone in your presence, in which case, you will quickly become obsessed with how he feels about you.

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